Q: Is Paywast News compatible with my smartphone?

A: Paywast News is compatible with iPhone 3 and newer, and Android 4.x and newer. We always work to make Paywast News as widely accessible as possible, so if you don’t have a phone that is compatible right now, keep checking back.

Q: Do I need to have a 3G plan to use Paywast News?

A: No. To browse the latest news, you can be online through Wifi (wireless Internet) in your home, office or an Internet cafe, through GPRS, EDGE, or 3G/4G. You will still be able to read the most recent downloaded news in your smartphone whenever you are not online.

Q: Is Paywast News free?

A: Yes, Paywast News is free. We do not charge you to download or use Paywast News.

Q: Sometimes I see advertising in Paywast News. Why is that?

A: We will sometimes show you banner or video ads from our sponsors or partners. This is because we want to keep Paywast News free for users, and to cover our costs for further development and maintenance of Paywast News.

Q: I don’t have an Afghan iTunes / Google Play account. How can I download Paywast News?

A: Unfortunately, neither iTunes nor Google Play offer Afghan accounts. However, Afghan users can create an iTunes or Google Play account for any other country, and then download Paywast News from that account.